Vocational Education

What is a vocational education?

Vocational education is a kind of brand-new university education mode, through the combination between colleges, fusion, in the form of production and education courses according to business requirements, training according to the enterprise actual combat organization; USES the “theory teaching and skill training” alternates the unique teaching mode, cultivate students master the basic theory and practical application ability, pay attention to student’s quality education and skills training, training professional counterparts, the practical talents, closely integrated to vocational education and training objectives, so as to improve the core competitiveness of students employment, truly guide “professional academic connections, graduate employment”, is the escort of students’ career development.

The purpose of SMART STAR EXCELLENT to develop vocational education?

New historical period, the star of excellence in order to implement the country about “vigorously develop vocational education, improve the quality of higher education” of the request and respond to the state council about to promote the development of vocational education reform and decision “. After serious research and practice, combining the demand of choose and employ persons and status quo of domestic enterprises, bold innovation and try the joint training of medical professionals the university-enterprise cooperation pattern, truly achieve the talent training standards and demands and the enterprise standard of choose and employ persons and highly docking, designed to train more complex society, to cultivate specialized personnel shortage.

The advantage of  SMART STAR EXCELLENT outstanding professional education?

1, brand advantage, cooperation with many universities nationwide construction departments together

Colleges into wisdom star excellent enterprise technology, teachers, training service, teaching resources, training services, employment channel, recruitment services, the school is responsible for running qualification, enrollment plan, wisdom star outstanding help colleges for professional design, resources construction, teachers construction, environment construction, etc., the two sides Shared the recruitment of students, teaching and research, teaching, management, employment, and implementation and management, and operation and management according to the new cooperation mechanism.

2 – school cadre education, resource advantage, give play to the resource advantage of universities and enjoy manpower recruitment equal education resources

After students enjoy the key university outstanding teachers, can also take other interested courses, as well as the school manpower recruitment of education resources, unified registration card services.

3, training goal clear – according to enterprise and the market demand to carry out the orientation training

According to enterprise and the market demand to carry out the orientation training, and actively with domestic and foreign many enterprises established long-term stable cooperative relations of choose and employ persons, accept the traditional academic education at the same time, students can master the practical knowledge and professional skill, well received by the masses of unit of choose and employ persons, makes the students’ employment situation is very positive.

4, scientific and reasonable management mode, strengthening students consciousness, self-discipline, self-confidence, self-strength nurturance education

Ensure students during the period of school safety, health, happiness, study and life, has full-time tutor and daily management of the teacher, adhere to high standards and strict to develop comprehensive quality comprehensive excellent professionals, to the student, learning, diet, the form of self-discipline and constraint, etiquette, such as daily travel with clear guidelines and measures for the administration.

5, theoretical study and practice, by combining practice and theory of education as a new mode, cultivate talents in their major

Schools adhere to the “use” students should practice education idea, in addition to cultural courses, and other basic course in the school study practice, training courses are completed inside and outside the school practice base, lets the student early to the work environment, work related process, dealing with emergencies, etc have quanzhen (simulation).

6, attaches great importance to the student employment services — how to enhance the level of job placement services, actively expand multi-level employment channels

Students to sign employment agreement, college employment guidance offices, specifically responsible for the students to find jobs. Many employers at home and abroad to discuss cooperation actively, so that the students find jobs get reliable guarantee.

SMART STAR EXCELLENT vocational education professional Settings?