SMART STAR EXCELLENT great needs what kind of person?

SMART STAR EXCELLENToutstanding need to have the ideal, ambitious, and full of passion, treat the job actively, enthusiasm, here provide play platform for each and every one, as long as you have an extraordinary heart, please join our team, together, let us plan to belong to our future.

How can I enter the SMART STAR EXCELLENT ?

Recruitment selection of star of excellence has three channels, one is the counselor recruiting, 2 it is market personnel recruitment, 3 it is functional staff recruitment, respectively, focus on the various products of star excellence project reception work, product sales and daily administrative work and management work. Employees in each channel after the interview, after a short trial period again can officially became a member of the star of excellence.

SMART STAR EXCELLENT remarkable concept of choose and employ persons:

SMART STAR EXCELLENT for the use of employees loyalty first, ability for expensive, wisdom star excellence will be in line with the view of the can, far view its sincerity, often view their DE can influence the idea of every employee, to make all employees at the same time of hard work with wisdom star TongShengSi excellence, casting, and can make all employees happy work, happy life!


A, marketing

Job responsibilities:

1, participate in product design, carries on the preliminary market research, an analysis of the feasibility and safety of product;

2, actively expand areas of primary and secondary schools, summer camps, teacher training education group-buying business;

3, make sales plan, achieve sales target.

Job requirements:

1, college degree above, education, marketing related major is preferred; Pr has sales channel development, big customers, B2B business experience is preferred;

2, good at communication, expression ability is strong, rich affinity;

3, passionate, compression capability is strong, has the good team cooperation spirit;

4, good at grasp the psychological activity of the conversation object, strong insight;

5, familiar with adolescent education, deeply loves the healthy growth of teenagers;

6, with sales experience of primary and secondary schools, such as teaching materials, books, hardware/software sales; Primary and secondary school teachers training experience or have a place to primary and secondary school education contacts is preferred.


1, good performance, leadership can be promoted to regional director, replaced branch general manager.

2, have summer and winter vacation with pay.

Second, Tibet.

Job responsibilities:

1, finishing the customer information of the project, drawing customers into activity WeChat group and maintain;

2, telephone solicitation intention client;

3, project registration data statistics on a regular basis.

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, men and women not limited;

2, standard mandarin, communication ability, logical thinking clear;

3, has the compassion, high efficiency, strong sense of responsibility, have patience and sense of service;

4, have a phone call, telephone sales, telephone customer service related work experience is preferred.

Three, the brand of

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the company’s website and the program interface design, production;

2, responsible for the company and business activity in project project design;

3, responsible for website advertising design and production enterprise;

4, assist other departments to deal with the work matters such as advertisement.

Job requirements:

1, 3 years experience in large web page design, production; To grasp the current website development trend. (a design case and successful work);

2, with graphic design, typesetting, flash advertising, and other comprehensive skills.

3, proficient in Photoshop, Flash, illustator etc. Design and production of software;

4, has good art strength and good creative ideation, the colour has a profound grasp force;

5, to master relevant knowledge html5css3 skills preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1 news, cooperate with the company activities, develop and implement pr activities and so on various aspects of planning;

2, to formulate relevant publications and Internet and other related media advertising copywriting plan;

3, product promotion material writing and creation;

4, network and media soft article writing;

5, to the official website of news and information release and other routine maintenance.

Job requirements:

Have market soft article writing or weibo BBS editor of actual combat experience is preferred.

1, graphic design, advertising, marketing, and Chinese related major, bachelor degree or above; Have a deep knowledge of the Chinese language, can be simple PS figure, Vince agile, writes fluent;

2, strong subject planning and creative ability, have a whole writing ability, independent completed a full case writing, have more successful works and have 1 years experience in business planning or AD copy is preferred;

3, familiar with the plot, brochures, project report writing, soft wen and other kinds of business planning;

4, honest, has the good professional ethics, able to work under pressure, have a strong sense of professionalism and team cooperation consciousness;

Job responsibilities:

Expand media resources and implement promotion plan.

1, product and brand communication strategy formulation and implementation of;

2, product and brand propaganda release;

3, daily maintenance and expansion of media relations, new media resources is preferred;

4, according to the media plan to buy advertising resources and media staff went to press;

5, the implementation of the media cooperation activities, follow up;

6, product and brand public opinion monitoring and treatment.

Job requirements:

1, news, media, advertising related majors, bachelor degree or above;

2, familiar with the mainstream media characteristics, especially for new media in the original development team;

3, outgoing, strong communication skills, education and training industry and Internet industry experience is preferred;

4, planning activities, successful media experience is preferred, have certain ability of management;

5, since the large media resources is preferred.