English Training

SMART STAR EXCELLENT  English training project, enclosed English training programs have been operating in the 19 years, in the new Oriental school of practical English on the basis of the practical English projects to consolidate and upgrade, is for the Chinese English lovers solid basic English, improve my English ability, out of China’s opening to the world. In order to adapt to different English level of students, the institute is now open a fully enclosed 4 months practical English listening, speaking, reading and writing to improve step by step project: practical English grade one zero starting point (English), English (verbal responses), practical English level 3 (improve), 28 practical English level 4 (the exams) and summer vacation TianQuan closed training camp in reading, writing, listening and speaking, ielts banding, zero based short-term training 30 days, 60 days English fast developmental breakthrough agreement promises, oral English camp before going abroad, over the weekend in the oral English class, the international summer camp, all foreign teachers one-to-one and secondary general course such as one-to-one gains to achieve practical English learning, their commitment to apply the.

Project integrates Beijing English training industry and the high quality education resources of colleges and universities, a pure and fresh, elegant environment for the students to “enclosed, residential, regularly test, for counseling, spoken language breakthrough for the project characteristics, so as to realize in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating comprehensive promotion purpose. We with the most thoughtful service, the most rigorous teaching, the most strict supervision to the biggest improve your English.


Successful cases:

Wang Chuanhao (male, 15 years old, shandong, Texas SJQC2013006) 2, personality is more rebellious, not active learning, especially in English, has been weak, parents brought him here, hope that through half militarization management to improve its rebellious personality, at the same time to improve English. A year later, the parent feedback, children since going back to school, sensible, willing to take the initiative to go to study. Most welcome, children not only improve English scores, drive the other subjects also raised, to attend training in 2013 is ranked in the school before 633, after a year of training simulation before test in the school rankings of 2014 years up to 197. (from parents feedback)

Liu Bo (male, 19, hebei handan, SJQC201402) sophomore, at intermediate summer camp in 2014. To attend training before 50-70 points, the result is of high school at ordinary times is 60-70 minutes, he never pass the record in English, after 28 days of training, after going back to school, find the feeling of learning English, to participate in college entrance examination in 2015 got 136 in English, at the same time also attended his yearning for wuhan university. (from parents feedback)


Huyu.l (male, 17 years old, Inner Mongolia bayinnaoer, SJQC201102) high one, but I can’t grasp the junior middle school English, junior camp only. The big boy, don’t want to associate with people, did not feel to the study. With the help of teachers and teaching assistants, he is listening class, the class actively completing “trophy” assessment tasks, actively participate in English Activities, gradually set up the confidence in learning English. Knot camp back after three months huyu.l mom called and said huyu.l’m not only English when he gets back from the original 50 points to 90 points, than they used to perform better in other disciplines, and developed an interest in learning. (from parents feedback)

Sun Hao (male, 13 years old, hebei cangzhou, SQJ2014001) 2, at ordinary times test 60 points (120 points out), the original course at any other institution, think progress is slow, a little worried. After comprehensive consideration, choose for our school. After classes, the teacher found the boy is very smart, just learning efficiency is not high, back quickly, forget too fast, personality is very lively. Originally thought that the child can not adapt to the accurate militarized management, unexpectedly, back home, mother and teacher said, now the child could get 90 points in the class, and very like the learning atmosphere, and even feel a little bit could be more strict, also want to come over for next semester. (from parents feedback)

Yu Jun swim (male, 18, fuyang, anhui SQM2013001) three graduates, school before English 60 points (150 points out), other subjects are in the middle. Yu Jun students own learning habit is bad, cause the result straight line descend. In 2013 to participate in the intermediate camp, go back to school after the completion of this course, English score increased to 90 out of 150), combined with other subjects are also improved. In 2014 and parents want to come and learn on their own. (from parents feedback)