Domestic research

Taken the motivational lecture hall Expert scholar lecture

Professor of tsinghua university and Peking University high school, and with the campers face-to-face communication, the learning attitude, teaching learning “secrets”, for the campers tailored suits own method of learning, let the campers feel learning from now on become relaxed and happy things.

U entered tsinghua Beijing university Experience in one hundred schools

With tsinghua Beijing university outstanding student, stroll shuimu tsinghua, on lotus pond moonlight, roaming the unnamed lake, old together, taste the vicissitudes of history, experience heavy humanities. Five days and four nights activities, fully stimulate every member in the heart of the “university dream”, “dream schools”.

U visit summering manor Feel the history and culture

Summer resort is the qing dynasty emperor in order to achieve the calm, unity, frontier minorities in China, consolidating the political aim of the national unity and building a Summer Palace. After completed in 89. Around the village a winding ups and downs palace thousands meters long is the largest classical imperial garden existing in China. Is equivalent to the Summer Palace twice, there are eight beihai park. Compared with the Beijing Forbidden City, summer resort with a simple quietly elegant mountain village open style. Take the essence of natural landscape, absorb the jiangnan scenery of camels, existing in China covers an area of the largest ancient imperial palaces.

Taken the Olympic aftertaste Navigate technology ocean

In 2008 the 29th Olympic Games main stadium. The project covers an area of 21 hectares, the construction area of 258000 ㎡. The audience sat down about 91000, of which about 11000 temporary seats. Held the Olympic Games, paralympic games opening and closing ceremonies, athletics and football finals. After the Olympic Games will be Beijing residents widely participate in sports activities and enjoy sports entertainment large-scale professional sites, and become the new landmark of sports buildings and heritage of the Olympic Games. Science and technology museum by the permanent and temporary exhibitions, in order to participate in, experience, interactive exhibits and auxiliary means, for the purpose of sparking interest in science, scientific enlightenment ideas, undertake to the student science education.


“Service standard”

One station service, refused to change hands: food, clothing, shelter, transportation, travel, learn the entire one-stop considerate services;

Superior accommodation, sweet and comfortable: college students from city to city apartment or hotel as a camp, 2-6, air conditioning, hot water alone who alone the bath;

Dining is convenient, clean health: wisdom star excellence fixed-point restaurant, table eight vegetables a soup;

Professional team, at ease at ease: cooperate with government designated professional tour bus fleet, the driver more than ten years of driving, ensure smooth traffic safety activities;

Students, accompanied by care: qing northerners teacher college students as a counselor, accompanied him, mentor;

Insurance is complete, the escort: each student and teacher is highest insurance amount 300000 yuan of personal accident and medical insurance;

Safety first, satisfaction and return: counselors, health, safety personnel security, insurance, security trust.

And camp fee RMB 6800 / person 】 (RMB)