Hundreds of students compete for the occupation career planning award can travel to the United States

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Evening news yesterday, the third Qingdao City College Students’ career planning competition in the city’s final successfully held at Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Laoshan campus, seven months of competition successfully concluded. Finalists in the finals of the 100 players after a fierce competition, and ultimately from the research group, the higher vocational college group each produced the first prize 1, two and other awards 5, three and other awards 10.

The contest is sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, since the start of May, 20 of Green College 54 thousand students actively competed, all colleges and universities through the preliminaries, ultimately elected 100 contestants participated in the semi-finals. After written work selection, the selection of the research group and the higher vocational group of the top 16 players to enter the final competition. The final scene, occupation planning in the youth elite from colleges and universities, through the theme statement, scene simulation, scene reply three aspects of the game, to show the personal occupation planning path is complete and clear and realistic to the judges and the audience. Personal occupation career planning speech, vivid image of the players confidence smooth workplace scene simulation and field play nimble defense, show the 90 students spirit and to be enthusiastic and press on the workplace confidence and determination.

To encourage students to participate actively, this competition won the one or two outstanding players, third-prize will get us the opportunity to tour Silicon Valley. Qingdao city college student occupation career planning competition to promote the occupation career planning knowledge, guide students to establish early occupation planning ideas, improve employment skills and practice ability, arouse students’ autonomous awareness of employment fundamentally, but also for the excellent students to provide a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi-level display a broad stage of their comprehensive qualities. Qingdao college students’ career planning contest will be held once every year as one of the main activities of the Qingdao college students’ employment Union, and further promote the development of college graduates’ employment work in depth. (reporter Xu Meizhong)