Global Study Tour

SMART STAR EXCELLENT  to open around the study exchange international summer camp, facing the whole country head to adolescent admissions. Summer camp by the wisdom of excellence in North America and star teacher Orion group, the local guide teacher instruction and guidance all the way, professional service team transfers, star hotel accommodation, will be through the 16 days of travel, lead the students around the United States!

Through all the research will lead the students learn communication international summer camp around the famous American colleges and universities, such as Stanford university, Yale university, Harvard University, university leaders and friendly group full interpretation of the guidance teachers and students, will let the students fully understand the glorious history of each college and research spirit, fully arouse the students initiative and QiuXueXin, more study in admissions policy interpretation, so that study abroad students can learn.

In addition, the state science and technology museum, Hollywood, Disneyland and a series of exciting activities held, will let the students summer camp life rich and colorful!



The international youth gathered in North America, feel the charm of American education

Step into the global well-known colleges and universities, understand the United States is loose and the rigorous education culture, feel the enthusiasm of the American teenagers. The world youth copolymerization in North America, the united mysterious veil together, American life is just around the corner.

Visit the world famous universities, the light of experience school glory

Especially for Chinese students plan to study in American universities tailored; Visit Harvard University, Columbia University, Yale university, Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT), university of California at Berkeley, west point, first glimpse schools, deeply feel the atmosphere of famous universities in the United States.

Special exchange program, reveal the world’s top universities campus life

Invited the world famous universities such as Harvard University students on behalf of the depth of communication, by its guidance on how to study in the United States, how to study life in the United States. Through their transformation process, the role of setting an example, the American dream is no longer out of reach.

Different shock, visit the famous resort, all-round understanding of American history and culture

Roaming Disney the joy of the ocean, feel the shock of universal studios, spectacular of the statue of liberty, of Washington, majestic and magnificent. Rich travel arrangements, swim 7 characteristic city east coast in the United States, is not the same as the feelings of the native culture and the western free breath.

【 And camp fee RMB 52800 / person 】 (RMB)

【 The quotation include 】

1. Visa: buy American visa and deal with service charge;

2. Ticket: trip international (include the inland section) ticket round trip;

3. Accommodation: equal China’s samsung hotel;

4. Meals: Chinese/American meals;

5. Transportation: contains trip city traffic visiting vehicles;

6. Tickets: include travel scenic costs involved in the (Disneyland, universal studios);

7. Guide: contains trip around Chinese local guide tour guide service;

8. A tip: contains to pay all the tip;

9. Insurance: contains overseas travel accident insurance;

10. Features: special increase a special dinner.

【  not included in the price】

1. Personal passport visa-processing fee;

2. From the U.S. embassy to sign face to face of transportation, accommodation expenses;

3. The round-trip international flights starting point of transportation and accommodation fees;

4. Schedule listed outside any fee caused by attractions or activities;

5. Personal consumption, as well as all additional costs due to personal reasons (such as: the United States for baggage fees, personal baggage fees, laundry, telephone, the driver overtime fee, TV over kilometers fees and charges, and due to personal negligence and illegal or illegal to cause the loss of damages, etc.)